Choose From Our Various Side Orders

French Fries

Chips – Fried in quality vegetable oil*** with seasoning salt £1.90
Large Chips £2.60
Chips and Cheese £3.20
Doner Meat and Chips £5.90
Portion of Doner Meat £4.40
Chicken Nuggets – 7 pieces of super nuggets (with salad and chips) £4.50
Scampi – Wholetail scampi with chips and Tartare sauce £4.70
Onion Rings £2.20
Jalapeno & Cheese Snacks £3.10
Fresh Side Salad £1.80
Coleslaw £1.80
Pitta Bread 40p
Extra Cheese on chips or kebabs £1.30
Sauce – Any Sauce of Your Choice in a Pot 70p
Can of Soft Drink 90p
Bottle of Soft Drink £3.00
Add Jalapenos to Any Kebab or Burger 50p

***Vegetable oil may contain GMC